About the Chef

We are proud to use only the very best Japanese ingredients and Wagyu Beef. Meat connoisseurs from around the world invariably want to compare the flavors of Kobe and Matsuzaka beef. At the Innocent Carvery, we have granted their wish and made this a reality. The three major brands of beef in Japan are “Kobe beef”, “Matsuzaka beef”, and “Omi beef.” However, there are many more, with Japan being home to over 120 different types of Wagyu. Out of all these, only the best are selected and provided to you on the day of your meal. We welcome you to enjoy your time at the restaurant and relish the sublime flavors of Japanese Wagyu.

About the Menu

At The Innocent Carvery, you can choose from a wide assortment of various kinds of Japanese Wagyu Beef and compare different brands and cuts, and enjoy the various decadent flavors of Japanese Wagyu. In order to bring out the best taste of each of the carefully selected ingredients, we do not adhere to one cookie-cutter way of cooking, and each dish is specifically prepared to the enhance its innate flavors. A wide selection different beverages such as drinks, beer, shochu and sours is available, in addition to a large line-up of whiskeys and wines.

The Ambiance

The Innocent Carvery isn't a Yakiniku-ya Japanese barbecue restaurant, nor is it a Teppanyaki style steak house. The Innocent Carvery is a European-style cozy and comforting restaurant which offers guest the opportunity to enjoy Japanese Wagyu in a relaxed atmosphere. The Innocent Carvery gets its name from the concept that a carvery, or place where meat is freshly cut for you, have ingredients that are pure, natural and unadulterated. The rank of beef or the birthplace of the cow, are a few standards or criterion, however without just relying on specific brands, our specialists expertly and carefully select the best wagyu to provide you on the day of your meal. Slowly savor the umami and enjoy each sumptuous cut of Japanese Wagyu at The Innocent Carvery.